Digital Payments Emerge as Competitive Opportunity for P&C Insurers
Discover how soaring customer expectations for speed and convenience have turned digital payments into a massive opportunity for carriers seeking to boost satisfaction, cut costs, and enable new operating models.
8 Insurance Technology Trends to Master with Insurtech 'Vanguards'
Why insurers face mounting pressure from inflation, new risks, soaring costs, and heightened competition—and how new additions to Guidewire's Insurtech Vanguard program can help them rise to the challenge.
Gain Situational Awareness on Floods in Near Real Time with Guidewire & ICEYE
If integrated with a platform like Guidewire, ICEYE's satellite-based flood monitoring solution can provide insurers with near-real time visibility into flood impact to optimize response like never before.
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With Season 3 of Guidewire's InsurTalk podcast interview series now underway, we pulled together a new blog post featuring expert insights from the past year.
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Go behind the scenes at Guidewire InsurTech Vanguards Pitch Day '22 as visionary insurtech startups compete in the opportunity of a lifetime.
Distribution Is Destiny: The Rise of Embedded Insurance
Embedded insurance isn't just a significant driver for growth in P&C insurance. It could soon spell the difference between industry leaders and also-rans. Here's what you need to know now.
The Ecosystem Advantage: 5 Key Questions for P&C Insurers
Five crucial considerations for building an insurtech ecosystem that enables you to rapidly deploy amazing new capabilities without interruption.
6 Insurance Tech Trends & How Insurtech 'Vanguards' Help You Capitalize on Them
A look at key technology themes reshaping the competitive landscape for insurers—and how some of Guidewire's Insurtech Vanguards address them.
Performance Matters: Simplify Claims with Unified Statement Management
n2uitive's n2record Accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter provides an integrated, cloud-based recorded statement solution that simplifies processes & reduces costs.
Goodbye, Guesstimates: Plug Into Instant, Accurate Content Claims Valuation
Up to 41% of policyholders are more likely to take their business elsewhere after a bad claims experience, and 75% say it's easier than ever to do so.
Virtually Amazing: Power Virtual Claims Inspections with Augmented Reality
80% of consumers say initiating claims through image-based mobile apps has a positive impact on the customer experience, while nearly 30% say sending an adjuster hurts it.
The Climate Crisis Hits 'Code Red': 3 Urgent Action Items for P&C Insurers
With the UN issuing a “code red for humanity,” P&C insurers will need to leverage technological innovation to mitigate new realities—here’s how to do it right.
3 Tech Trends in P&C Insurance: Customer Expectations in a Post-Pandemic World
To stay on top of evolving buyer sentiment, we conducted video interviews with a diverse range of insurance customers—here’s what they had to say.
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As we wrap Season One of the InsurTalk podcast, a look (and listen) back to some of the biggest expert insights from our first season.
Remote Inspections at Scale: ID Risk and Price Right with Guidewire & Flyreel
How AI and computer vision enable remote home inspections via mobile app—helping insurers cut costs and price risk accurately when combined with a modern policy administration solution.
DV Hacks III: A 36-Hour, Student-Led Virtual Hackathon Majoring in Awesome
For the third year, Laura and Team Guidewire host a hackathon designed to help students get excited about coding, teamwork—and a career in technology.
Game Over, Phone Tag: Streamline Claims with Text Messaging from Guidewire & Hi Marley
How to leverage AI-enabled texting technologies to streamline communications with policyholders, partners, and other stakeholders throughout the insurance ecosystem, and deliver an optimal customer experience.11
Sudden Impact: Accelerate FNOL and Transform the Claims Experience with Guidewire & TrueMotion
Through smartphone-based telematics, insurers can assist policyholders after a car crash, get an accurate view of what happened, streamline claims processes and boost customer loyalty. Here’s how!
P&C Insurance Tech Trends: Engaging Your Customers in the Age of Amazon
Responsive customer engagement is no longer enough in the age of personalized, proactive services. Here’s what it really takes to deliver a modern claims experience.
Insurtech Trendsetters, Part Three: How Mitchell Integrated with Guidewire Allows Insurers to Streamline Collision Repair Claims
How Mitchell integrated with Guidewire helps insurers to streamline collision repairs—enabling field appraisers to complete an average 16 estimates a day vs. 4–5.
Insurtech Trendsetters, Part Two: How Betterview Integrated with Guidewire Allows Insurers to Assess Risk with Machine Learning
How Betterview integrated with Guidewire leverages geospatial data and modern machine learning to provide underwriting with improved visibility into risk for more accurate pricing and adjudication.
Insurtech Trendsetters, Part One: How Octo Integrated with Guidewire is Empowering Insurers to Offer Personalized Insurance
A look at how Guidewire integrations with telematics providers, such as our Solution partner Octo, empowers insurers to more easily offer and manage usage-based insurance.
How Insurtechs Are Enabling the New Normal in P&C (part 3)
Covid-19 is forcing insurers to rethink how they do business. In this blog series, I focus on insurtechs in our partner community that are enabling the “new normal”.
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Claims Processes
Oh the possibilities…and the precautions! That’s a key takeaway from my recent conversation with Shift Technology CEO Jeremy Jawish talks about the impact of AI in claims.
How Insurtechs Are Enabling the New Normal in P&C (Part 2)
Thanks to COVID-19, claimants aren’t seeking medical treatment or bringing vehicles in for estimates–in the new normal, policyholders need guidance on filing and managing claims–safely.
How Insurtechs Are Enabling the New Normal in P&C (Part 1)
Covid-19 is forcing our industry to rethink how insurers do business with their customers. In this blog series, I will focus on insurtechs in our partner community that are enabling the “new normal” of digital and online business.